Template:NotReal Template:NotReal Ape Island is an island on Poptropica 2. Every Poptropican is an ape and you must find the Hidden Banana of Doom.


  • Mr. Ape
  • Mrs. Ape
  • Ape Boy
  • Ape Girl
  • Grandpa Ape
  • Grandma Ape
  • Postman Ape
  • Doctor Ape
  • Professor Ape
  • Giza Ape
  • American Ape
  • Spider-Ape


  • Ape Street
  • Volcano caves



  • Go to Mr. Ape in Ape Street.
  • He will give you a Banana Peel.
  • Go to Spider-Ape.
  • He will cry because he wants a Banana Peel.
  • Give him the banana peel and go to Volcano Caves.
  • Pass 30 Perilous Puzzles.
  • Get the Banana of Doom.
  • Give it to Mr. Ape.
  • He will give you the Medallion.