Template:NotReal Template:NotReal Balloon Island is an island on Poptropica 2.




  • Dog Follower (a girl with a dog balloon gives you one)
  • 10X Balloons (from the guy on the foutain)


  • Talk to a boy without his balloon
  • He will say he lost his balloon
  • He gives you a map piece
  • Go to Secret Path
  • Find a map piece
  • Go to Dog Park
  • A girl gives you a map piece when you catch her cat
  • Fix the map
  • The map leads you to Tall Tower
  • Go to the 4,908th floor
  • Talk to a man in a tall hat
  • He gives you the balloon (notice that it's green)
  • Go give the balloon to the boy
  • He says his name is Balloon Boy and gives you the medallion
  • He flies away