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Annoying Orange vs Oregon Trail (Ft. Mikey Bolts & Colleen Ballinger)

Annoying Orange- Sour Rangers 2 (Ft. Andre Meadows & Shira Lazer)

Annoying Orange- Judge Waffle (feat. Alex Wassabi & Joe Nation)

Annoying Orange- Ground Beef Day (feat. Eric Schwartz & Bobjenz)

Annoying Orange- Valentines Day Candy Crush (feat. Jess Lizama & Kevin Brueck)

Annoying Orange- Love Tri-Mangle (feat. Jess Lizama, Joe Nation & Kevin Brueck)

Annoying Orange- Marshmallows Missing (feat. Mikey Bolts)

Annoying Orange- Symphony Number Ate (feat. David Choi)

Annoying Orange- Foodsplosion #6 (feat. Shira Lazer)

Annoying Orange- Killer Schedule (feat. Ross Everett & Eric Schwartz)

Annoying Orange- Chicken Leg'd (feat. Kevin Brueck)

Annoying Orange- Incognito Burrito (feat. Ownage Pranks)

Annoying Orange- Microscopic Apple (feat. Greg Benson, Joe Nation & Jess Lizama)

Annoying Orange- NASCAR (feat. Brian Scott & Brendan Gaughan)

Annoying Orange- The Obnoxious Kumquat (feat. Katie Wilson)

Annoying Orange- T-Boned (feat. Kevin Brueck)

Annoying Orange- STUDMUFFIN (feat. Madilyn Bailey, Jess Lizama & Kevin Brueck)

Annoying Orange- Cookie-DOH! (feat. Alexa Losey)

Annoying Orange- Lawyer Up! (feat. Stawburry17 & Kevin Brueck)

Annoying Orange- Magnet Madness (feat. Ross Everett & Eric Schwartz)

Annoying Orange- Gaming Grape (feat. Brock Baker & Kevin Brueck)

Annoying Orange- Fart Step (feat. Mike Diva & Jon Bailey)

Annoying Orange- Sailor Spoon (feat. Stawburry17, Jess Lizama & Katie Wilson)

Annoying Orange- Wild Rice (feat. JD Witherspoon, Madilyn Bailey & Lauren Francesca)

Annoying Orange- String Cheese Incident (feat. Wilson Cleveland)

Annoying Orange- Saved by the Bell Pepper (feat. iJustine, Jess Lizama & Kevin Brueck)

Annoying Orange- Honeydew and Honeydon't (feat. Wilson Cleveland & Joe Nation)

Annoying Orange- Fart Club (feat. Greg Benson & Wilson Cleveland)

Annoying Orange- Double Rainbow Trout (Ft. Jacksfilms & Felicia Day)

Annoying Orange- Dumb as a Brick (Ft. Ethan Newberry & Steve Zaragoza)

The Dudes- Chocolate Crazy (Ft. Andre Meadows & Eric Schwartz)

The Dudes- Judge Mantis (Ft. Bruce Willis & Sheryl lee Ralph)

The Dudes- Two Snoop Doggs are Better than One (feat. Luke Barats, Jess Lizama, Steve Zaragoza, Mikey Bolts & Billy Joel)

The Dudes- Mystery of the War Bird (feat. CaptainSparklez & Mikey Bolts)

The Dudes- Barrel Blow! (feat. Greg Benson, Flula & George Newall)

The Piglet Show #12 Beast Boy! (Ft. Greg Cipes)

Bruce Willis- Judge Mantis

Sheryl lee Ralph- Lady Ladybug

JacksFilms- Stanley Strawberry

Lee Butcher-Barry Blackberry

Mystery Guitar Man- Mystery Lizard Man

Richard Kind- Bob

Tara Strong- Vi

Annoying Orange- Sacrifice Play (Ft. Mikey Bolts, Steve Zaragoza & Alisia Glidewell)

Annoying Orange- Rubik's Cube (Ft. Flula & Mikey Bolts)

Annoying Orange- Mini Shark (Ft. Markiplier)

Annoying Orange- Kriss Kut (Ft. Rhett & Link)

The Dudes- White me all Day (Ft. Richard Ryan)

Annoying Orange- Wasabi Goatee Party! (Ft. Wassabi Productions)

The Piglet Show # 7 (feat. Ross Everett & Owen Nimples)

The Dudes- I'm Digging, I'm Digging, I'm Going Through that Talking Truck (Ft. Richard Mulligan)

Annoying Orange 2014 Kills Montage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Edit

Episode: Gourdzilla

Victim: Cap'n Crunch

Episode: Ask Orange 13

Victim: Pear

Episode: Briquet

Victim: Briquet

Episode: Crappy Captioned #3

Victim: Plump-Kin

Episode: Emmett the Lovin' Mitt

Victim: Emmett

Episode: Sacrifice Play

Victim: Olive Oil

Episode: Sacrifice Play

Victim: Romancesco Chief

Episode: Sour Rangers

Victim: Puppy

Episode: Sour Rangers

Victim: Puppy 2

Episode: Sour Rangers

Victim: Marshageddon

Episode: AO vs Flappy Bird

Victim: Flappy Bird

Episode: AO Five Nights at Freddy's

Victim: Orange

Episode: Pear Five Nights Challenge

Victim: Pear

Episode: Grapefruit Five Nights

Victim: Grapefruit

Episode: Godzilla Challenge

Victim: Pear

Episode: Ask Orange 11

Victim: Orange & Pear

Episode: Ask Orange 11

Victim: Pear

Episode: Ask Orange 10

Victim: Nyan Cat

Episode: Ask Orange 10

Victim: Orange

Episode: Ask Orange 10

Victim: Orange & Pear

Episode: Ask Orange 12

Victim: Glasses

Episode: Bad Apple

Victim: Grandpa Lemon

Episode: Bad Apple

Victim: Bad Apple

Episode: Buddy Cops 3

Victim: Donut

Episode: Control Freak

Victim: Orange

Episode: Double Rainbow Trout

Victim: Rainbow Trout

Episode: Dumb as a Brick

Victim: Brick

Episode: FanBoy

Victim: FanBoy

Episode: Feel the Burn

Victim: Vitabuff