Mew will talk to you when you visit the museum at his home and he will tell that he has two more cryptids to find their existence so he made a extra part at right for them. Hoan Kiem Turtle which is confirmed really but not in poptropica its location will be Hanoi, Vietnam and Mongolian Death Worm which is unconfirmed then we will go to the Gobi desert.


1. We will go to cryptid island and go to Mew's Mansion and talk to him at the museum.

2. Then he will tell about two cryptids and the part of the mansion he expanded for the two cryptids. Then he will give a camera and a jar.


3. Then we will first go to Honoi at Vietnam. Then to a party hall next to the lake

4. There will be two people playing darts and one of them will tell that if you will beat him he will give you a ticket to cryptid turtle founders submarine. Then after, you will win. Go to the lake nearby. Then you will go to the man near submarine and show him the ticket to go in.

5. When you get in, the submarine will go by a cave. Go in and you will see a turtle and quickly click a photo[before going in wear the diving suit which is near the door of the submarine]

6. Then run to left until you see a 10 cm. big egg and take it and go back to mew and show him the picture and egg then he will first tell to do DNA test of the egg and they will be the eggs of Hoan Kiem turtle and the photo will also be real and it will be now confirmed!


7. You will arrive at the desert's edge. You will see a man, and he will tell he saw a worm just now at the right. Then go to left and catch the worm in your jar. Go back to mew. H e will say it is not Mongolian worm. No need to go back he will tell it is at the center of the Gobi. Then go to gobi desert and go right continuously 5 times until you reach a cave where you will see a worm. Catch it and run before the lava comes near you or you will go back to mew 's mansion.

8. Go to Mews after getting it. Show it to Mew and you will get 100 credits and a new medallion and a cryptid costume.

I hope poptropica makes the Cryptid Island like this.