Template:NotReal Island Island is an island on Poptropica 2.

Plot synopsisEdit

You Make A Boat And The Boat Has A Computer With All The Islands Describing The:

  • Description
  • Population
  • Temperature


  • Princess


Earth IslandEdit

  • Description: Rocky, flat, caves
  • Population: Worms, Moles
  • Temperature: 64°F

Air IslandEdit

  • Description: Clouds
  • Population: Birds
  • Temperature: -50°F

Fire IslandEdit

  • Description: Lava plains, volcanoes
  • Population: Lava monsters, phoenixes
  • Temperature: 64°F

Water IslandEdit

  • Description: Water, beaches
  • Population: Fish
  • Temperature: 77°F

Snow IslandEdit

  • Description: Snowy plains, snow-capped mountains
  • Population: Arctic wolves, arctic hare, polar bear
  • Temperature: -30°F



There Are Certain Things To Do On All The Islands And At The End, The Princess Will Give You The Medallion.