Template:NotReal Hello. I am a Poptropica player by the name Krazinesss. I have came up with my own island ideas:

Solar Eclipse Island: You learn that the first permanent solar eclipse is happening tonight! Find night vision goggles and when the eclipse happens, search for the only source of light!

Native American Island: You are stranded in the time of the Native Americans. You must learn their ways and use their resources, your only way to survive,

Being Followed Island: You've seen a guy in the trees looking at you with binoculars! Now you're paranoid that he's following you! Can you defeat him?

Zero Gravity Island: As a lab rat, you drink the wrong potion! Now you're not able to take one step without flying twenty feet from the ground!

Leprechaun Island: In this island, released on St. Patrick's Eve, you're determined to catch a leprechaun! Using your lantern you search your house in the middle of the night. As a punishment for seeing one, you're sent to St. Patrick City, where you're forced to serve as a temporary leprechaun!

Those were my ideas. Thank you and I hope you'll use them in the future.