NOTE: This is an idea for Poptropica 2.

New Rowdyruff Island will be the first island on Poptropica 2.

Plot Edit

You enter the island and land in front of Townsville Hall. Blossom is seen throwing a punch at the new Brick, but missing him and falling to the ground. You rush over to help her. The girls will ask for your help. You try to kick Boomer, but he easily knocks you to the ground. Buttercup groans, saying the boys are thinking their gender is better. But Bubble tells you to follow her while Blossom and Buttercup continue fighting the boys. Once you get to the professor's house, he pours a bottle of black liquid on you, and you immediately gain enough powers to fight the boys. When you and Bubble get back to the scene, the girls are beatten, boys laughing meanly. After beating each boy thrice, they seem to be defeated, but it's just a trick. They beat the four girls (or three girls and one boy), and it seems the four of you are truly defeated. But after finding your way to the water bucket, you pour it on yourself and the girls (it's cold water), you're better. Bubble tells you and the girls a plan, and you and Blossom agree to do it. After persuasion, Buttercup also joins. You distract the boys, and when the girls sneak up, you tell them to turn around. Wheen they do, the girls will kiss them, causing the boys to surrender. After giving a report to the mayor, you'll receive the medallion and a thousand credits along with a free lifelong membership!