Template:NotReal Prehistoric Island(known as Dinosaur Island and Caveman Island) is the 600th Island on Poptropica 2.






Dunky D

Dinki Hare

Cooper Crumb

Zing Zack

Hizzack Mews


Go to Billy. He will give you a rock. Go to Billy's prehistoric house. Find some clay. Mix the clay with the rock. It will turn to mud. Go to Billy again and throw mud at his face. He walks away crying dropping a piece of red chalk. Go to Bob's house and use the chalk to write on his whiteboard. Draw a love-heart and draw a Cross-Bow sticking on to it. The Whiteboard will flip over revealing a secret entrance to a Community. Go to Jeffrey who is holding a dead frog inside the Community. Steal the frog and escape before he catches you. Throw it at the pathway outside Bob's House. Dunky D comes and slips dropping his Orange. Grab the orange and give it to Dinki Hare who is trying to turn his carrots orange. He'll give you a paintbrush and then click on the brown shiny door underneath. It'll disappear then go under. There'll be bats flying around. Try to pass avoiding the bats. Then solve a puzzle to pass a secret door. Cooper Crumb, Zing Zack and Hizzack Mews will be talking. Show them the paintbrush. They'll give you a ring. Use the ring to unlock a power. Then the wall comes off and Dinosaurs appear. Jump onto a dinosaur and you can ride it around! Everyone cheer because the dinosaurs have came back after their disappearance 100 million years ago. Go up to Billy and tell him sorry for throwing the mud in his face. He will say it is ok and he will give you the island medallion.