Template:NotReal Pure Water Island is an island on Poptropica 2. Not only does this island include water, it also includes metal. Your Poptropican will need to help the people in Pure Water Island find shelter before a huge tsunami will strike on the metal land. You will need to swim through the depth of the ocean and find a way for shelter on this huge island of metal before the time comes!


  • Professor W.
  • Explorer Kimberley
  • Dan
  • The Metal Shark
  • Shark Boy
  • Balloon Boy
  • The 6 Prisoners
  • Dr. Water
  • Dr. Metal
  • The Water Robot
  • A Diver
  • 10 Steam Robots
  • A Good Scientist
  • An Evil Scientist
  • Citizens (Random Characters)

Locations Edit

  • Main Street
  • Metal Avenue
  • Pure Water Avenue
  • Steam Bridge
  • Abandoned Factory of Water
  • Abandoned Factory of Metal
  • Hard Metal Beach
  • Above the Ocean
  • Below the Ocean
  • Steam Airport
  • Up the Sky
  • Air Airport


  • Metal On Water Museum (Multiplayer Room)
  • InWater Factory
  • InMetal Factory
  • Metal Shop
  • Water Shop
  • Metal Beach Cove
  • Science Laboratory
  • Room of Dan
  • Pure Metal Jail


  • Water Splash (A Drink)
  • Science Bag of Water (Connects to Metal Gear)
  • Metal Gear
  • An Encyclopedia
  • A Metal Shovel
  • Water Key
  • Diving Suit
  • Fast Pair of Shoes
  • Hot Water Squirt Gun