• Woody
  • Buzz Lightyear
  • Jessie
  • Lotso
  • Zurg
  • Zurgbots
  • Ken
  • Barbie
  • Andy
  • Bonnie
  • Buttercup
  • Mr PricklePants


  • Andys house
  • Sunnyside Daycare
  • The Bathroom
  • Bonnies House
  • Bin
  • Junkyard


  1. Dial Andys phone number
  2. wait 5 seconds
  3. (you will be put in a bag)escape the bag by using rexes tail
  4. run to the car and jump up to the donation box
  5. run to the side of the box and it will tip over and u will be at sunnyside
  6. find lotso and follow him
  7. get into your spots very quickly for playtime
  8. after playtime u get to be woody and go out the door
  9. ride under the bathroom cart
  10. escape through the bathroom window
  11. get the glider and glide away and land in the tree
  12. Bonnie will pick u up and take u to her house
  13. at night go to the computer to find andys house
  14. go out to the kitchen and talk to chuckles
  15. go back to sunnyside
  16. tell the others that lotso is bad but they all go to prison when woody is not there
  17. talk to the phone
  18. find the prison
  19. at prison escpe and make sure nobody sees u
  20. lotso finds u and he ends up in a bin
  21. he will pull u in and the truck will come
  22. u end up at the junkyard and u will will go on a convayerbelt to fire
  23. be the aliens and lift up the others before it is to late
  24. go back to andys house
  25. write a message before time runs out
  26. u will see a clip of what happens at the end and buzz gives u a medal