Template:NotReal USA Island is an island on Poptropica 2.

Plot synopsisEdit

You have been given a mission by the President of USA and you will travel all 50 states of America to find the things that the President said to find. You will have a caravan and you will have other vehicles (e.g. Motor Bike). When you have found them the President will do something with them and use the US Military. On your mission you will learn about USA and with you there will be a mate helping you on your mission.


  • President
  • Mate
  • Citizens
  • Military
  • Famous People
  • Bad People (Tricksters)


  • Washinghton DC (District of Columbia)- Main Street
  • Hollywood, Los Angeles (California)
  • New York City (New York)
  • Houston (Texas)
  • Salt Lake City (Utah)
  • Flagstaff (Arizona)
  • Cincinnati (Ohio)
  • Seattle (Washington)
  • Franklin (Tennessee)
  • Atlanta (Georgia)


  • Mercedez-Benz Caravan
  • Vehicles
  • Rifles
  • Guns
  • Spy Gadgets