Van Mousta IslandEdit

Van Mousta Island is a spanish Island on Poptropica 2.


Help the town by helping people, giving them items and giving them workers.






Milhouse Van Housten

Mr. Van Mousta

Mrs. Van Mousta

Sami Van Mousta

Iggy Van Mousta

Doctor Miki

Professor Lingo


  • Go to Wilbert.
  • He'll be making a sculpture.
  • Tell him you want to help.
  • He will laugh and say yes but he makes a deal with you(If you help him finish the statue,he'll give you a sponge)
  • After you win, he gives you the sponge.
  • Go to Sami Van Mousta who is drinking Apple Juice.
  • Throw the Sponge at him.
  • Then he runs away crying.
  • Mrs. Van Mousta comes and slaps you in the face.
  • you fall dizzy.
  • Mrs. Van Mousta walks away.
  • Follow her.
  • Then pick up the sponge from the floor.
  • throw it at her.
  • She'll be unconscious.
  • Mr. Van Mousta becomes furious and throws a rock at you.
  • Escape and find Doctor Miki who is treating Sami Van Mousta.
  • Tell Sami that you're sorry.
  • Sami becomes shy and runs away.
  • Doctor Miki chuckles and gives you this plaster to give to Sami.
  • Go to Sami.
  • Give him the plaster.
  • He'll become friends with you and gives you his pen.
  • Go to Maria and Bingle.
  • Bingle will be dancing to practice for his competition.
  • Give Maria a pen.
  • She'll open the pen.
  • Money comes out of it.
  • They say that they're rich so they run away.
  • Go to Merrion Square.
  • You'll see Milhouse being so lonely.
  • He'll say that he lost his pen.
  • Go to the rich and tell them that you need the pen.
  • They throw a green pen at you and run away.
  • Go to Milhouse.
  • He'll say his pen is red, not green.
  • Go back to the Rich.
  • Tell them about the red Pen.
  • They'll throw you a blue pen and run away.
  • Go back to Milhouse.
  • He'll be furious and then he goes to the rich and attacks them.
  • He makes them unconscious and he grabs their pen.
  • Go back to Milhouse.
  • He'll be hugging a red pen.
  • He'll give you a library book.
  • Go to Iggy Van Mousta who is reading a black book.
  • Give her the library book.
  • She'll be happy.
  • Tell her Milhouse did this.
  • Then she'll go to Milhouse.
  • Go back to Milhouse.
  • He'll give you a medallion.