Annoying Orange Island is a new island idea based on the TV/web show. You start out as the new fruit, where you get a permenent cherry costume to wear. Mashmallow then says he wants you to go to the planet Mashmalia and find his captured unicorn. You then have to go through the Fruit Ship's teleporting beam and set it to Marshmalia. You then land on the planet and find the Marsh-people are on fire! The Marshking says a giant rock candy maonster is roasting Marshmalia and kidnapped his unicorn. You need to avoid being burned by his fire powers and lead him to the caremel river. You then need to melt him with the Melt Ray. After you melt him, you realize the ship lit on fire. You go to the cage with Marshmallow's unicorn in it. You go to the melted rock monster and grab the key. After you unlock the unicorn's cage, it gives you the number to call Marshmallow. Marshmallow tells you to buy a ship there and get back to Earth. You must first earn 100 gold coins by making marshmallow sculpures at the Candy Creator Cave. When you buy the ship you will land in the kitchen and find no one is there. Annoying Orange rolls by and says Knife sliced open a time sphere and sent Marshmallow, Pear and Midget Apple to the Cival Fruit War. You must take the burrito and put it in the microwave to cause them to time flash back in time. Once you flash back in time, you must run through a feild of knifes and run to M, P and M.A. Once you save them, you go back to the kitchen and find that Grapefruit has made an evil monster! You must go inside the monster and fight the fruit monsters inside. You must collect all the cards-blue, red, and green- to activate the Blow Up Sequence. Once you escape, it gets knifed! You then unlock the knife weapon and an orange costume. THE END!