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Template:NotRealAfter Mr. Gary, a Club Penguin member, came to the Poptropica world to talk about this new land, all the Poptropicans were afraid. They had never seen someone like this, but a few were willing to give this 'new land' a try. Mr. Gary led them through the Transport 2000, his latest invention and they arrived at this strange land. Mr. Gary explained, "The only reason why I came to the world of Poptropica was because our land is in grave  danger," he said. "I've heard that you Poptropicans are braver than anything. Please save our  snowy island!" At that moment, Chilly Ice, a villian, popped out. Dressed like a normal penguin, he asked, "Where have you come from?" The explorer Poptropicans answered, "From our world, Poptropica." Chilly Ice nodded. "Is it a fantasic world?" he asked again. The explorers nodded and grinned. "Sure, it has the ocean, a chocolate factory, and even ha creepy Carrot Factory."

1. Run to your left and you'll see Mr. Gary once you jump off your blimp.

2. He'll beg you to go to his land, and you agree.

3. He explains some things, gives you a challenging quest and out pops fake Chilly Ice.

4. Chilly Ice decides to take over Club Penguin AND Poptropica.

5. You must complete the quest, but Chills is there.