You know those stories your mom used to read to you when you were little? Those stories about mermaids, witches, pirates, fairies, and more? Well, on Creature Island, those stories come to life!


On Creature Island, few Poptropicians live peacefully. Instead, they live in fear of goblins sneaking into their houses and stealing their food. Of witches cursing them to sleep for a hundred thousand years. Of sirens luring them to their fate. And many, many more horrible nightmares. But, if the place is so scary, why don't they just move to another island, you ask. Well, because a long, long time ago, an evil witch put a curse on the Island, where anyone who come's to Creature Island, will never leave. EVER. So, when you come to the Island, and an silander warns you of this terrible curse, you are very scared....

duhduh duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh.......!