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Holiday Island is an idea island for the supposed Poptropica 2.


All the holidays of the world are in a cricis! The Naughty-Nice-Super-Dooper-Sorting-Machine is on the fritz! All the candy for Halloween has been smashed! The Easter Egg painters are on strike! And it's all because Jack Frost wants a holiday! Can you save holiday cheer forever?


  • General Frosst (Jack Frost)
  • Santa Claus
  • Elves
  • Reindeer
  • Jackie Lanter (in charge of Halloween)
  • Easter Bunny
  • Dr. Hare
  • Egg Painters (on strike)


  • Jack Frost's criminal files
  • Portal Detector
  • Santa's Sleigh Bell
  • Enchanted Easter Egg
  • Ceremonial Jack-o-Lantern


  • You land on the island and you talk to the person on the street to the left.He'll say the to visit the library.
  • Do what he says and enter the library. Walk around and they'll be a creeky floorboard. Step on that and you'll fall into a slide which leads to a top secret labratory.
  • Talk to the man with blue hair. He'll say his name is General Frosst and all of the holidays are in a crisis and Jack Frost is the culprit and give you a folder cotaining his info.He also says he needs holiday relics to power his latest invention.
  • He'll also tell you that there are hidden portals to the holiday worlds, that can only be found with a portal detector.
  • He then says that the only one made belongs to Mother Nature, but you can transport to Naturella now, where Mother Nature lives.
  • You then go through the portal and land in a beautiful world with chirping birds and lush plants. You think this must be Naturella.
  • Walk to the right to find Mother Nature in her throne. She then says gently, "what do you desire, dear mortal?"
  • There will be three options: lazer vision, telekenesis, and the portal detector. CHOOSE THE PORTAL DETECTOR!!!!! If you do not, she will tell you she cannot grant powers without paperwork.
  • She then says, "Is that all? Here. Take it. I have no use for it."
  • You then recive the portal detector
  • Activate the portal detector to trasport back to the Labratory.
  • Talk to Frost and he will tell you to go to the coldest place in town. Find the Artic Cafe on Main Street and enter the cafe.
  • There will be Christmas costumes in the lobby, and you can take some if you want.
  • Go to the Artic Room and go through the portal.

    To Be Continued