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  • NBerkhof

    Forums now available!

    December 17, 2012 by NBerkhof

    The title says it all. The Poptropica Wiki has added forums, so we added our own! Have fun with discussions!

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  • NBerkhof

    Try to change me

    October 7, 2012 by NBerkhof

    Back when this wiki started, I was the only user, before the Poptropica Wiki Staff Team joined. When I was the only user, I decided that when more users came, we'd need something to get them to edit even better. Badges were the answer. Then when more users DID come, I decided to cusomize them to give them that Poptropica sizzle. Here's a few of the badges I've customized so far.

    Have any suggestio…

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  • NBerkhof

    Welcome to the Poptropica Ideas Wiki! Feel free to create and edit awesome ideas! I'm the founder and Chairman of the wiki, NBerkhof. Contact me, the Vice Chairman Bob Bricks, or any of the other admins for help! What are you waiting for, go make your ideas!

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Latest Island
Super Villain Island, sometimes abbreviated SV, is the 30th island released on Poptropica, being released for members on September 27, 2012 and for non-members on October 18, 2012. In it, you go into the minds of the past villains: Dr. Hare, the Black Widow, Captain Crawfish, and the Binary Bard.


Did you know... suggest
  • On Nabooti Island, a player completing the Mancala game may win and be declared the loser, or lose and be declared the winner, depending on the score of the final move. (Player advances or repeats the game.)
  • That Wimpy Boardwalk is the smallest 2011-2012 island yet it has more items then any other 2012 island?
  • That was created by Jeff Kinney, creator of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series, which is why there are two Wimpy Kid-related Islands?
  • That in the 5 years of it's existance, Poptropica has created 30 Islands?
Idea of The Month vote
Super Villain Island 2: Prison Break is an island created by DaranNorrisFan6.

Plot Synopsis

"El Mustachio, Gretchen Grimlock, and Mr. Silva broke out of Erewhon Prison and were then put into the dream machine, which was repared by Dr. Spyglass. You must go into their minds and remove their evil." -DaranNorrisFan6

Bonus Quest

"Director D is revealed to be Dr. Spyglass (during the island) so you must gather the real Dr. Spyglass to get Director D locked up in the dream machine. Then you must go into Director D's mind and remove his evil." -DaranNorrisFan6 Read more...

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