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Spy Island 2's Logo
Spy Island 2: From B.A.D. to Worse
is the sequel island to Spy Island. It was created by poptropican Joshuawesome8.

Plot SynthosisEdit

"It's been peaceful on Spy Island ever since you became the Director of Secret Operations, but now, you discover that Director D was only leader of one of the five sectors of B.A.D., and the true leader has just invented a machine that already is disintegrating the hair of everyone on the island, and then turning them into his evil slaves. Now, you must save the island from destruction before you too become his bald servant. Director D. escapes and it's up to you to stop them!" - Joshuawesome8


  • You
  • President Ovalhead
  • Director D.
  • Bobby the Bald
  • Big B.A.D. Wolf
  • the Mean Marty
  • E. Vile
  • Spies
  • B.A.D.(Name changed to W.O.R.S.E.)
  • Dr. Spyglasses