Ideas:Super Power Island 2
Strike the escaped criminals again!
Year released 201202929292929922
Theme Criminal mastermind
Difficulty Very Hard
Preceded by 24 Carrot Island 2
Suceeded by Spy Island 2 The Bald Head Villain return!


First ask the police and he will give you handcuffs and files,then go to DOWNTOWN and go inside the bank Speeding Spike will be there punch him and handcuff him before he runs and hits you,then go to the subway there will be Ratman the rats will come to attack you before they attack you will see a Gas Applyer pick it up and click items and use it and the rats and Ratman will fall handcuff Ratman and go to city park there will be Crusher and he will come to attack you use the gas Applyer once again and he falls down and handcuff him and go to the girls bathroom and inside the sewer and pull the wheel until you come across the door click enter and there is CopyCat and how to defeat her is use the handcuffs she will run and you need to catch her you need to be speedy fast and if you win handcuff her and go to junkyard there is Sir Rebral and Comic Kid Ned Noodlehead wants to help you when you attack him he will throw a rock at you avoid it and Ned will attack him and the rock will fall on Rebral himself and go to Main Street and you won the medallion

BONUS QUEST:You won it the medallion,not so fast?there is another villain the boss Betty Jetty you need to catch her but you have no powers so Copycat will give her flying powers she has too so you need to fly and catch her and handcuff her Betty Jetty but avoid the disks she throws and you will win a Cool Disco Man