Just a few drops

It's a Tropical Paradise!

This is my idea, so read on!Edit

 Tropical Paradise Island is an island that came from my imagination.


Hula Girl



Mr. H

Chief Orang Kuat


The hotel

The beach

The Temple

The Shrine

The Jungle

The Spirit World


  Ahhh.. Finally you get a vacation! You are leaving for Tropical Paradise Island because you want a break from adventure. Once you get to your hotel, the manager says that he needs your help. The golden coconut has disapeared. The local museum director, Mr. H,  will be waiting for you on the beach. So the bellhop takes your bags and you run outside. Mr. H says that long ago, the tribes of the island fought. But they shared one thing; The Golden Coconut. Anybody who touched the coconut would instantly be healed from thirst, starvation, or sickness. When the tribes instantly vanished, the locals moved here and Mr. H started the museum. He had the Golden Coconut on display, but it disapeared. He has some supsicions, including a hula girl, a flame thrower, and even the manager himself. But soon you will find out who did it. And it will take your breath away... literally.